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Simply put, TechWerxe’s proactive approach to IT support allows us to troubleshoot and prevent problems before they happen. Some potential problems are fairly obvious, but most would never even cross your mind such as the amount of available disk space your servers or computers have; temperature of your computer equipment; various software updates that need to be maintained; and the list goes on.

TechWerxe provides you with a technology network that will give you steady performance, dependability, manageability and scalability.

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TechWerxe’s Flat-Rate IT Support includes:

TechWerxe provides your business with its own virtual IT team available to you 24/7. Our Rapid Response Team (RRT) will be there to assist with all your issues. TechWerxe holds our Rapid Response Team to a 4 hour SLA. This means that you will get a response to your issue within 4 hours, no matter what time of day it is. TechWerxe utilizes cutting edge technologies to provide you with solutions when you need it most. Our team consists of highly-trained techs with years of experience in service support.

There are two ways our RRT can be notified:

  • ​​​​​Our 24/7 Monitoring service will alert our RRT that there is an issue
  • ​​​​​You have access to the RRT by calling our customer hotline or opening an issue ticket

Our RRT will assess the issue and if possible, the solution will be administered remotely to optimize uptime and minimize inconvenience to your organization. If the solution requires us to be on-site, we will work with you to determine a convenient time for you.

TechWerxe provides a monitoring service that allows our Rapid Response Team to monitor your systems and receive alerts that indicate if there is trouble with your businesses servers, routers, switches, firewalls, and applications. If a problem is detected, technicians will assess the issue and determine if a remote or on-site solution is necessary.

Find yourself always on the go? TechWerxe can add secure email access for your smartphones and tablets. Whether you need a system for an Android or iOS platform, we got you covered.

Proactive server and workstation support ensure that your systems experience maximum uptime. TechWerxe creates a network plan for you that meets your goals and budget. It’s perfect for your current needs, but it’s also expandable to accommodate your future growth. We are an authorized re-seller for top hardware and software manufacturers like Citrix, VMware, HP, Cisco and Microsoft, and we use this industry-leading equipment when we build your network.

As IT experts, TechWerxe recognizes that it is critical to update applications, apply security patches, and new malware definitions as soon as possible to protect your organization’s IT systems. We are able to apply most updates remotely, 24/7, at a time that is most convenient for you. TechWerxe will also manage all warranty and licensing services.

TechWerxe will provide your business with Office Relocation and Office Cabling services. We will partner with you to provide you flexible solutions that will allow you to take on future technologies. From office moves to structured cabling to server racks, our services will ensure your business is ready to move forward.

If your business requires on-site support, whether it’s to fix an issue or a re-occurring IT need, TechWerxe will provide experienced IT Consultants to fulfill your need.

Often times, businesses require regular onsite support to manage small issues, support users and maintain the infrastructure. The expense of a full-time IT employee may not be justified or make sense. TechWerxe can provide your business with a dedicated IT Consultant as often as you need. We will work with you to determine when and how often. With our on-site service, you will get on-premises expertise from an IT professional who knows your business, your network and your employees…and you don’t have to worry about the hassles and expense of hiring your own IT staff.

Every second that your network is down, you lose potential opportunities, revenue and confidence. That’s why disaster recovery, or business continuity, is critically important to any business. For every $1 that large enterprises spend on IT infrastructure, they’ll spend $8 protecting it. That doesn’t mean you need to spend that much, but it does illustrate the importance of protecting your IT infrastructure and the consequences of not protecting it. We will protect your company from catastrophe and develop a plan to get you back up and running if your computers do go down.

Do the math and think about whether or not your business could even survive a prolonged shutdown.

TechWerxe offers a comprehensive computer and network security service:

  • ​​​​​Data Retrieval
    We back-up your files on site up to eight times within a 24-hour period. This will guarantee the latest version of the file should any failure occurs that affects your files. With TechWerxe, recovery time can be a matter of minutes, not days or weeks.
  • ​​​​​Email Security, Relay and Archiving
    Proactively prevent your email from being infected with viruses, SPAM, etc. And protect your business from losing any emails, ensuring regulatory compliance and allowing your messages to be delivered in “safety mode”.
  • ​​​​​Spyware Protection
    Prevent intruders from accessing your computers by securing vulnerable entry points.
  • ​​​​​Computer Security
    Every user has their own log in, with customized access to a specific set of data and software.
  • ​​​​​Internet Security
    Cutting down on vulnerabilities on the Internet severely reduces the likelihood of obtaining a virus or being intruded on. Blocking certain malicious websites will immediately reduce the risk of downtime.
  • ​​​​​Stability
    Provides you with a stable and predictable environment and will allow your business to increase productivity.
  • ​​​​​Confidentiality
    We ensure you are able exchange data over a secure and confidential network
  • ​​​​​Control
    Provides you with the ability to audit users and assign accountability for irresponsible actions

TechWerxe will focus on protecting you so you can focus on your business.

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